911 Services

Ice Wireless offers Basic 911 in areas where it is mandated and in the rest of the coverage area zones, Ice Wireless offers this service as per our 911 services characteristics.

911 Characteristics

  • The 911 Service is available 24/7.
  • The 911 Operator will transfer the emergency call to the local police/fire/ambulance after confirming basic information with the caller (address, name, phone number and type of emergency).
  • In case of disconnected calls, the 911 Operator has the possibility of researching the subscriber’s personal information in order to retrieve the address on file and submit it to the authorities (if unable to reach back the caller).

911 Limitations

Given the service provided by IceWireless, please be aware of the following 911 Limitations:  

  • The caller’s address cannot be retrieved through triangulation therefore the operator will use the address registered under the subscriber’s account, or the address provided by the caller.
  • Depending on the signal strength at the caller’s location, the quality of the call may be poor and this may delay or interfere with the response time.
  • If the caller is using a phone without a SIM card inserted, identification is impossible unless the caller provides his location or/and personal details.
  • In case of disconnected calls, the 911 Operator will search the subscriber’s personal information available on file in order to retrieve the caller’s address; however, being a mobile service, the caller may be located at a different address than recorded on the account.

911 User Tips

Please take into account the following tips when calling 911 using our service:  

  • Always provide to the 911 Operator your phone number including area code in case you are in an area not equipped with wireless E911.
  • If possible, always provide to the 911 Operator an alternate contact number to ensure you can be called back in case your initial call disconnects.
  • Always provide to the 911 Operator your location or the location of the emergency.
  • Always remain on the line as long as advised by the 911 Operator. If possible, do not disconnect the call unless otherwise advised by the 911 Operator.
  • Avoid as much as possible placing unintended/accidental calls to 911.
  • Update the address registered with us whenever it changes. In case of an emergency where the caller cannot speak or the call disconnects, the 911 Operator will dispatch assistance at the address registered with us.

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